With CRAIG (Calculations Resulting in Analysis of Individuals on the Gridiron), Pastime Labs has branched out into football projections. Using a secret recipe of aggregation, based on significant research, study, and not a small amount of trial-and-error, CRAIG strives to be the most accurate predictor of relative value both before and during the fantasy football season. In fact, CRAIG created FantasyPros' most accurate rankings for Week 7 of the 2022 football season.


STOMPER is Pastime Labs' first attempt at player-level statistical modeling. Using linear regression, aging curves, and other tools, STOMPER attempts to project with relative confidence the individual performances of every player in Major League Baseball.


THOME, or the Team Handicapping and Odds Modeling Engine, was Pastime Labs' first big success story, correctly picking the winning side of MLB teams' Over/Under Wins (or "Team Totals") wagers 64 times from 2018-2020, or in 71% of chances. Simulating the entire MLB season 100,000 times for each run of the projections, THOME's confidence levels can be taken straight to the bank. OK, go to the sportsbook window first...


The No Whine Timeline

Not actually a projection system of any kind, the No Whine Timeline looks back over franchise histories in thirteen competitions covering baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and hockey at the national, international, and collegiate levels. The Timeline dictates whether fans of a particular team, nation, or school have the right to complain based on their recent and overall success.

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